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With one-of-kind methodologies, LeadsGuru brings change in the edtech industry

The educational landscape of India is experiencing a significant transformation by a series of advancements in new-age methodologies. Use of technology in education is one of the prime reasons that has accelerated the growth of the Edtech industry. With rising internet penetration and a drive toward online education in the wake of Covid-19, ed-tech companies are projected to expand even more. Therefore, taking this aspect into serious consideration, LeadsGuru, one of the renowned EdTech companies, is ushering  the path of success and is changing the way the education industry works.


Following the modern skillset and practical knowledge, the firm provides the students with the most advanced courses and a new-age approach that infuses real-world information into the traditional education system along with value-added training sessions. Acing its game in the age of multiple e-learning platforms, the firm ‘LeadsGuru’ sticks to its strong vision. Furthermore, the company produces quality content that ensures the business makes its strong presence among the students and discovers unexplored opportunities.


With the advancement of technology, easy access to cheaper means, and mass exposure to the world of the internet, ed-tech firms can quickly adapt to the needs of the people by merging expertise and possibilities. The courses allow learners to tailor the learning process and choose content based on their interests, convenience, and learning style. Moreover, with an interactive classroom experience, personalized assistance, and doubt-clearing sessions, LeadsGuru introduces changes that need to be done far before.


Under the leadership of Ajay Singh, LeadsGuru is making its way to success and achieving the milestones that are helping the firm to appear among the leading businesses in Edtech industries. The founder has served as the spinal cord for his staff, guiding them through all the difficult phases, which produces results that take the firm to reach newer heights and make ground-breaking changes in the Edtech realm.


Given technology's ability to eliminate geographical boundaries, LeadsGuru, an online learning platform, has the power to bridge the learning gap while also teaching entrepreneurial leadership. Inspired by the vision to make a difference in the educational sector, the firm ‘LeadsGuru’ is mentoring students to become the limitless version of themselves. Moreover, the firm provides skill-based courses, such as self-development, digital marketing, soft skills, high-demand courses, and freelancing mastery courses, to help entrepreneurs improve their skills and support emerging business tycoons working hard to position themselves as corporate leaders.


With the coronavirus locking down Indian cities since March, online education and e-learning platforms have seen incredible adoption and exponential development. And LedasGuru uses every possible opportunity to make its strong foothold in the EdTech realm. With continuous efforts and excellent methodologies, the brand is reaching a broader target audience and making every effort count to empower students with suitable courses and practical training. Incepted in 2020, LeadsGuru has come a long way ahead under the leadership of Ajay Singh.


The fascinating aspect of witnessing an EdTech firm is the innovative quotient it possesses to stand out from the rest. As EdTech entrepreneurs increase their efforts to dedicate themselves entirely to a better digital learning platform, E-learning platforms are gaining a solid foothold in education technology. Thus, if you want to excel in your respective field or make a remarkable contribution to the professional world, then LeadsGuru is standing right beside you to make you reach a new definition of success.


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