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The Modern-Day Magician : Rahul Kharbanda @illusionistrahulkharbanda

Rahul Kharbanda

The era of magic seems to be evolving over decades now. There are few magicians that come along and mix technology with old-school ideas to bring their authentic ideas to the table. Rahul Kharbanda, the man who single-handedly manages to stun crowds of thousands with his tricks, his charisma, his illusions, and his larger-than-life personality, make him the lively human being he is. He’s one of the world’s greatest magicians and sets a benchmark in the industry of digital illusions. Rahul proves to his audiences that magic doesn’t reside in only physical form but also in the mental.


Rahul Kharbanda combines traditional sleight of hand with the latest technology in a fun and lighthearted show that audiences long remember and talk about on their way home. Digital illusions are magic tricks that include all modern-day devices like iPads, Androids, tablets, and LED walls. With a special effect of digital animation and clever programming, along with long-term magical thinking Rahul combines iPads and artificial intelligence into a show like no other. He is well known for launching products through his art.


From taking something out of a screen to creating real objects or using artificial intelligence in mind reading, these practices challenge your imagination when it comes to surprising you with unique twists. Corporate organizations usually prefer modern-day magic to enhance the product launch and gain attention. With over 20 years of expertise in this field, Rahul has worked with every possible brand name. From FMCG to IT to banks, from local to international, name it, and you know they are already Rahul’s clients.


The kharbanda has a massive worldwide following. He has had successful shows in Thailand, Singapore, and France, and the names keep on adding up. With thousands of satisfied clients, he manages to inspire creative curiosity in each eye that sees him. One of the best-performing digital illusionists in town, he’s the perfect person who can increase the value of your brand and give it new life.




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