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LegiCred: Intellinez Systems’ Breakthrough in Education Credential Assurance 

  In today’s digital world, the trustworthiness of educational certificates is more important than ever. These documents open doors to…

LegiCred: Intellinez Systems’ Breakthrough in Education Credential Assurance 

LegiCred: Intellinez Systems' Breakthrough in Education Credential Assurance 


In today’s digital world, the trustworthiness of educational certificates is more important than ever. These documents open doors to job opportunities, so making sure they’re secure and genuine is crucial. Intellinez Systems, a respected IT consulting company, has taken a big step in this direction. The company, awarded as one of India’s top startups (TOI’s 40 Under 40), launched LegiCred, a blockchain based technology that makes educational certificates secure, immutable and instantly verifiable. 


Addressing a Pervasive Issue 


The need for LegiCred is driven by a concerning reality: educational credentials often lack the transparency and trust they deserve. Falsified information on college transcripts, resumes, medical school applications, and more has become a pervasive problem. This issue has far-reaching consequences, affecting not only employers but also educational institutions and individuals. 


A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that 1 in 12 college transcripts in the United States contains falsified information. This includes grades, courses taken, and degrees awarded. Similarly, a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that 25% of employers have encountered fake or falsified resumes, encompassing educational credentials, work experience, and skills. 


The Association of American Medical Colleges reported that 1 in 100 medical school applications contains falsified information, such as grades, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Moreover, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities found that 1 in 20 college students has used a fake educational credential, including transcripts, diplomas, and degrees. 


These data underscore the severity of the issue. Fake educational data is not merely a minor concern; it is a pervasive problem that can have a detrimental impact on students, employers, and the education system as a whole. 


LegiCred: A Revolutionary Solution 

LegiCred emerges as the solution to these challenges, providing an extra layer of security to educational credentials through a robust set of features: 


Verification and Security: The Pillars of Trust 


Leveraging blockchain technology, LegiCred ensures immutability, auditability, and transparency, rendering unauthorized alterations virtually impossible. The inclusion of QR codes allows for convenient and reliable credential authentication. Moreover, global accessibility ensures that educational achievements are recognized and acknowledged worldwide, unlocking a myriad of opportunities for students.


Integration: Efficiency and Streamlined Management 


LegiCred prioritizes seamless integration for effective document storage and management. With its powerful API integration, users can effortlessly connect systems, elevating their document storage capabilities to unprecedented levels. Real-time notifications through webhooks keep users informed, ensuring they remain updated with the latest developments. This feature proves particularly advantageous for academic institutions, enabling them to securely manage educational documents with ease and efficiency. 


Simplified NAD Data Generation for India with LegiCred


LegiCred introduces a user-friendly feature enabling users to effortlessly generate student data in the specific format mandated by the National Academic Depository (NAD). The data generator simplifies the process by accommodating various required parameters, subsequently producing a ready-to-upload file to the NAD platform. This functionality streamlines the interaction with NAD, enhancing efficiency in managing educational data for users, particularly educational institutions seeking compliance with NAD standards.


Issuance and Access: Simplified and Trustworthy 


Simplifying the certificate issuance process with its single issuance feature, LegiCred saves time and effort for educational institutions. Importing and exporting bulk certificates in digital and PDF formats become a breeze, streamlining administrative tasks. Users gain complete control over their credentials through options like revocation and transferability. Certificate 

renewal, role-based access control, and advanced search/filter features further contribute to effortless document management, making LegiCred the ultimate solution for organizing and maintaining educational records. 


University Program Creation: Easing Out Manual Burdens 


LegiCred empowers universities with comprehensive program management tools, enabling them to effortlessly create educational programs. It facilitates program structuring by permitting universities to define semesters, courses within them, and assign specific course credits, streamlining the academic planning process. 


Data Insights: Effective Decision-Making 


Through data collection, LegiCred offers valuable insights into the credential issuance process. Universities can leverage this data to make informed decisions, particularly regarding their marketing strategies. This feature enhances universities’ ability to optimize their approach and effectively communicate their offerings to a broader audience.


Social Media, Designing & Branding: Showcasing Achievements with Elegance 


In the era of social media dominance, LegiCred empowers students to showcase their secure educational documents with ease on various platforms. The ability to customize branding with logos, templates, and seals ensures that students’ achievements are presented professionally and distinctly. Integrating with Canva, a renowned designing platform, opens doors to stunning designs, while white-labeling and branded email notifications contribute to a seamless and consistent user experience. 


Monetization Opportunities: Opening Up Multiple Streams of Finance 


LegiCred provides universities with the opportunity to generate revenue by offering credential verification services to third parties for a fee. This monetization option has the potential to create an additional income stream for educational institutions, making it a valuable feature for financial sustainability and growth. 


Support: The Backbone of LegiCred’s Success 


At Intellinez Systems, customer satisfaction is paramount, and LegiCred is no exception. With a dedicated support team offering comprehensive assistance via email, on-call, and round-the-clock availability, users can rest assured that their LegiCred journey will be seamless and worry-free. Prompt and reliable support ensures that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly, reaffirming Intellinez Systems’ commitment to delivering excellence. 


Benefits for Universities, Colleges, and Educational Institutions 


LegiCred extends a wide array of advantages to universities, colleges, and educational institutions. It bolsters their credibility and reputation by implementing a transparent and reliable verification system. Moreover, it cuts down administrative costs by simplifying the verification processes, thus enhancing operational efficiency. The platform also ensures the security of data against tampering or unauthorized alterations, assuring the integrity of educational records. For students, LegiCred opens doors to improved job prospects by facilitating convenient access to verified credentials. Additionally, educational institutions gain a competitive edge by providing a secure and efficient means to manage and verify student credentials. Lastly, LegiCred offers the potential for generating revenue through transaction fees or subscription models, further enhancing its value to educational institutions. 


Positive Reviews from Universities Worldwide 


After universities in India, Egypt, Dubai, and beyond got a demo of LegiCred, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Stakeholders, including administrators and academic staff, have praised the user-friendly interface and the platform’s ease of use. It’s been lauded as an innovative approach to tackling the challenges of document security and credibility in the education sector. 


One standout feature that has garnered applause is how LegiCred saves both time and money. The streamlined issuance and verification processes have the potential to significantly reduce administrative costs and the time it takes to manage educational documents. Universities are excited about the prospect of quick and efficient credential verification, which is especially important for institutions with high volumes of verification requests. 


Another critical aspect that has universities eager to onboard is the system’s robust security. LegiCred’s use of blockchain technology ensures the utmost protection against document tampering and fraud. This level of security provides peace of mind to educational institutions and students alike. 


The positive feedback from national and international universities underscores LegiCred’s potential to revolutionize the education credential management landscape. Institutions are eagerly awaiting the onboarding process, with universities from Egypt and Dubai showing significant interest. As these institutions look to enhance the credibility of their educational certificates, LegiCred stands as a promising solution that has the potential to benefit universities worldwide. 


With its unwavering focus on security, efficiency, and user satisfaction, it sets new standards for enhancing the credibility of educational credentials. Intellinez Systems, a government-recognized startup led by visionary founders Soumya Prakash Mishra and Kalpana Srivastava, continues to push the boundaries of innovation in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. With LegiCred, the company reaffirms its commitment to creating a brighter, more credible future for students worldwide.