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Smog mode : Delhiites use everything to combat pollution


The air quality in Delhi has deteriorated significantly as a result of stubble burning and pollution from firecrackers, and Delhi residents are making conscious efforts to adjust their lifestyles in order to stay healthy.


The days following Diwali are traditionally marked by thick smoke and pollution, and this year is no exception, with air quality falling into the 'severe' category. Despite a blanket prohibition on firecrackers, firecrackers were let off in several parts of the city, and this, along with pollutants from field fires, has caused pandemonium in the Capital, putting the air quality in jeopardy. Delhiites have their own checklist to protect themselves against the city's bad air quality, which includes drinking kadha's and ashwagandha, using essential oils and humidifiers, and even temporarily leaving the city.


“It’s very sad to see that despite multiple warnings, Delhites did not pay attention to the pollution warning. It just goes on to say how insensitive we have become. The air quality was already bad before Diwali and now it is worse. I woke up 6am on the next morning of Diwali, finding it difficult to breath. With God’s grace, I do not have any respiratory problems, imagine what people with respiratory issues must be going through,” says Neha Mehra, a teacher from Mayur Vihar.


In order to stay fit and healthy at this period, Delhiites have turned to home cures. "I was expecting the pollution levels to rise after Diwali." Because of this, winters are physically lethal for me. For weeks, I've been having difficulties breathing normally. As a result, I make it a point to keep the humidifier running at all times. Aside from that, I had previously loaded up on kadha, which I drink every day. I'm also using essential oils to steam and have air purifier plants at home. "I suffer sinusitis, therefore nothing helps except antiallergics, but I still believe in strengthening immunity through natural means," says Harsha Yadav Malik, an IT consultant in New Raj.


"The smog situation in Delhi is bad," says Neha Singh, a senior manager at IP Extension, "and we have already started seeing a nutritionist to make sure that we are putting in the proper nutrients to stay healthy." She advised us to consume an Ashwagandha-infused beverage every day, which we are doing. Aside from that, we're making sure to wear N 95 masks, which protect us not only from Covid but also from the smog. Also, we only leave the house when absolutely necessary.


Some are even attempting to flee the city. "My in-laws live near Nainital, and we will be travelling to live with them for a while," says Anshu Aanand, an HR specialist at Sarvodaya Enclave. She further added, “We can't stay in Delhi because of the pollution; it's insane. There were so many crackers on Diwali that the seven-month-old was terrified and started sobbing. She had no idea what was going on, and she couldn't sleep at night either. Because of the pollution, we can't even take her out right now."


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