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Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan: The Wiz of the Biz

  Every personality of note has some specialties of note that gives them their claim to fame. But there is…

Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan: The Wiz of the Biz


Every personality of note has some specialties of note that gives them their claim to fame. But there is an extreme rarity of those who possess more than one, there are ones like Dr. Gopalan who have such talents attributed to them in every field they dabble in.


Through his journey over time, he has evolved as a strategist who was the drive behind the expansion of businesses in cutthroat competition of the markets of Europe, Middle East, the countries of Gulf Cooperation & Africa to move ahead and produce a top & bottom-line growth even in economical adversities. Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan has proved himself to be a business leader of a kind whose understanding of the market is like that of a Gardener who knows about every nuance of his Garden, about the needs of every plant, about every condition of the soil, the weather and the climate. Not just that, owing to his experience of working across domains and his exceptional perception, he is not only well versed but has developed tremendously across all phases of business, including new company start-up, business turnarounds, expansions and diversifications.


Moreover, being a man who travels extensively and has encountered so many cultured on his professional journey, Dr. Gopalan has acquired sensitivity to dynamics of cross-cultural workspaces through extensive travel across 25 countries including Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Malawi, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, and Congo (DRC). The volume of wisdom and experience gained through these encounters has also gone a long way in enriching his own personality and wisdom which all translate into his insight in business.


Dr. Gopalan has come a very long way from, to share some of the checkpoints in his path and trace the trail that he has blazed, one must know that he has had his humble beginnings as a Management Trainee with the Murugappa Group (Parry’s Confectionery Limited) from where he gradually levelled up to the Category Management handling B2C and B2B Business/Exports. From there, he positioned himself as an adjunct faculty for Finance & Supply Chain and on that accord has been invited by various forums as Conference Speaker & Conference Chair among many other honourable positions. His experience in the FMCG domain earned him a place at Trinity Holdings (Leading conglomerate with 1.2 Bn AED Revenue handling Greenfield, Business Development, Contract Management, & Execution of EPC Contracts).


From there, owing to his project management experience and skills it wasnÂt long before, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler-AG) came knocking on his door with an opportunity to be the General Manager – Network Development & Franchisee Operations of Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan. With this vast experience of about 10 years in Operations & Category Management / Finance Operations he then moved to Nairobi as Head of Business Improvement & Optimization for a 600 million US$ Conglomerate – Hashi Energy Holdings where he began handling operations, fundraising, equity placement, business process reengineering And For past 7 years he has been calling the shots as the CEO for Bhatia Brothers (UAE Based Conglomerate) and KALS Group, he is handling Operations in totality with a revenue size of 800 Million$.


Dr. Gopalan, being himself, has not stopped at being a CEO. Since then also, being true to his leadership grandeur, he has recently set up Foundry within a shortest time-span of 12 months with a capacity of 100 K Tonnes of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Casting Material. He has already raised funds up to 200 Million $ both domestic and international for Business Expansion. Well, if we only speak about his vast professional acumen putting it all together, still we would be speaking about only a part of this visionary Dr. Uppiliappan GopalanÂs personality goes far beyond that too. To mention a few nuances of it, Dr. Gopalan is such that he has been a Member of International Economic Forum, and Member Secretary of International Finance Consortium. He is a Certified Business Law Practitioner (UK), who is AsiaÂs mostadmired Business Leader (2019- BARC), & Peter Drucker Awardee of 2019.


Having done it all, he hasnÂt lost any through his side of humanity and kindness, he is also a Philanthropist running a rejuvenation home for old-age/elderly people under the name of Serene Charity Foundation.


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