Yoga Scholar Pragati Seth teaches how persistence & hard work can take one a long way

Life is an unpredictable saga, sometimes there are ups and sometimes downs. Maybe in some events, it just throws unforeseen…

Yoga Scholar Pragati Seth teaches how persistence & hard work can take one a long way

Pragati Seth

Life is an unpredictable saga, sometimes there are ups and sometimes downs. Maybe in some events, it just throws unforeseen circumstances and we have no choice but to stay strong. Therefore, one has to ensure that they put in continuous effort, hard work and determination which can take them a long way. Of course, constantly working towards something can be exhausting but it is these efforts that make a person’s life worth living. One such person whose life was a difficult one but she never gave up is Yoga Scholar Pragati Seth.


How did it all begin?


The journey of learning yoga and completely engulfing in it began with some people advising Pragati Seth to start yoga as she was already a dancer and had what it takes to become a well-versed yoga practitioner. She heeded their advice and began by just doing yoga as a form of physical exercise. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Medical Science (B.sc.) degree from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, Pragati honed her abilities. Due to her background in medicine, she had the opportunity to interact closely with professionals in the medical sciences and learn more about yoga.


All the practices, interactions and deep research got her so inspired by the art that she went on to complete her master’s in yoga and naturopathy with a focus on hospitality (M.sc. Yoga). Furthermore, she was given the wonderful opportunity to take part in India’s largest research project for Banglore Svyasa (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Sansthan) for a project called ‘Stop Dibatese Movement’ because of her dedication and commitment. She also provided assistance to MDS at one of the largest hospitals in Bhopal. At present, she is completing her PhD in yoga.


Her inspiring journey


Well, all these glitters were not always gold for Pragati Seth. At the mere age of 12, she lost her father and her life took a 360-degree turn. Due to sudden unfortunate events, her family’s financial situation got unstable, however, her mother always stood by her no matter what. Pragati on other hand started teaching dance to students for fun and also to become self-independent. Moreover, she continued studying and got her degrees while learning all about yoga and becoming a professional in it.


The most important thing that Pragati followed was perseverance. No matter what life threw at her face, she always fought and stood firm while continuing to work hard. This makes her an inspiration for all. She teaches everyone that no matter what may come, one always has the power to figure it out and make all the dreams come true. Even after her marriage, she was lucky enough to get a husband who supported her through everything and Pragati Seth ensured to explore each dimension that she could and aced many of them.


Significant Milestones and Future Prospects


Pragati’s contribution to the field of yoga has been getting recognition for quite some time now. Owing to this, the yoga scholar was awarded the prestigious ‘State Yogini Award 2023’ at the International Yogini Award Ceremony. In addition to this, she also got an honorary award from Vogue Star India with the motive to acknowledge her efforts and dedication as an integral fraternity member. Now she will be participating in Vogue Star Mrs India Finale 2023. Also, she played the lead role in the movie Ladies First which was based on women’s empowerment.


The future plans for Pragati Seth include setting an even stronger benchmark in the industry and making a bigger name for herself as a Yoga Scholor and Health Coach. Along with that, she aims on spreading awareness about issues related to cardiac and lifestyle disorders. Her ultimate goal is to make the world a healthier place and make people well-informed about all that they can do to make their life better both physically and mentally.