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Starting Point Does Not Mean Anything With Hemant Singh Aka Hemant Faujdar

Starting Point Does Not Mean Anything With Hemant Singh Aka Hemant Faujdar

The starting point of your life talks nothing about the success you can get in your future. Most people think that if we are starting at a very small stage, we would not be able to achieve great heights in our life. But, that’s not the case, and we should never think like that. Because today we are going to talk about one such person who has started with just one thought from the ground level, hence today he is a well-known haryanvi actor.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to talk about Hemant Singh. To know more about his success story make sure to follow this place till the end.


The starting stage


As we have already mentioned, Hemant Singh started from the ground level from complete scratch. Starting days were difficult for Hemant Singh, when he was in the 12th class in Manav Rachna International School, he used to be 120kg, and that’s when he thought to get into workout & exercising daily.

Hence after great struggle Hemant was able to build an exceptional personality and took his weight to 95kgs. That’s when people around him automatically started calling him an actor, because Hemant Singh used to have a great personality and looks. Because of which, Hemant got a thought to get into acting.


His Achievements


Hemant Singh got in the Haryanvi Industry to get started with his acting career and as a fresher Hemant Singh made his debut with a song “Tuition Badmashi Kaa” and just because of his hard work and support of his family, Hemant’s debut song was able to get more than 6 crore views on YouTube.

The next project of Hemant Singh was again a song “Bde Bde Kand” which got more than 3 million views in 10 days on Youtube. There are a number of projects which are under development and with the pace Hemant Singh is moving forward, he’ll surely make his bollywood debut soon.


 source: Brand Box Digital Media

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