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Siddhant SD and his Pandora’s box

No one can deny that the unfurling of recent events is a great tragedy, a tragedy even in the ancient Greek sense as it contains a disastrous ending contingent on irresponsibility. However, this time instead of Agamemnon the entirety of humanity is at the receiving end. Does this pandemic signal towards a ‘Pandemonium of provoking procrastination’ where the flow of life is obstructed?


I simply disagree, man’s qualities of adaptation can never be questioned. As a society that is of dynamic nature, complex thoughts and theories become comprehensive just like we have moved from Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon to that of Michele Foucault’s. On analyzing the graph of history we will find solace in the fact that even the Fall of the Western Roman Empire was followed by the enlightening Renaissance. Siddhant SD himself exclaimed that ‘I’d like to start by saying hope can never be lost.


A person is never hopeless, a situation could be and situations always change!’. In this Greek context we can see a Pandora’s box. No matter how horrible the result is, hope will still lie inside. This was channeled by Siddhant through his creation of Di Mora. He saw this as a figment of his imagination, something he dreamt of doing. To shape Di Mora into a delight for consumers as it’s merely more comprehensive than just a nightclub but is close to an experience. Siddhant never felt like he was performing a tedious task, as the entire ride was smooth driven by his ambition and desire to provide for a never before experience. He himself acknowledges this as he went on to say “I’m lucky enough to do what I love. I would say it’s the best part! I’m never ‘working’ as such, because I enjoy every bit of what I do.” He also is a man who is not fazed by challenges, as he thought of opening the Di Mora during the December of 2021, when the global economy itself had crashed.


On the other side of the spectrum, the lockdown was being relaxed and he accurately caught on to this trend. Di Mora provided the consumers with a form of respite and relief from this unforeseen circumstance. A night of vigor and vibrancy is what it served to each and everyone. A night to remember was produced as the club soon became the talk of this town, rising to the top. The acceleration was not only in their status but was also seen in the levels of dopamine throughout the night.


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