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Celebrity MUA and hairstylist Parul Mehta sets new beauty trends with innovative makeovers

Parul Mehta

In the realm where beauty becomes art, celebrity MUA and Hairstylist Parul Mehta is a visionary trendsetter, redefining glamour with her unparalleled creativity and transformative touch. With each brushstroke and strand she delicately shapes, Parul Mehta has become a beacon of innovation, setting new beauty trends that resonate across runways, red carpets, and social media feeds.


Parul's journey into the world of beauty and hair started as a passionate endeavor. She was in 8th grade when she started her journey as a mehendi artist, and now, over the years, her passion has blossomed into an inspiring career that continues to make waves. Her ability to seamlessly blend classic styles with cutting-edge techniques has earned her a devoted following among both celebrities and beauty enthusiasts.


What sets Parul apart is her fearless embrace of innovation. She has always believed in being experimental and trying new looks. She doesn't merely follow trends; she shapes them. She has a meticulous eye for detail and thus focuses on every step, from applying the primer to sparing the makeup fixer and every step in between.


From avant-garde editorial shoots to elegant bridal transformations, Parul's portfolio is a testament to her versatility. It's not just about makeup and hairstyles. Her makeovers have always sparked an ooze of enthusiasm and self-confidence in her clients.


Parul has worked with other celebrities like Kinjal Dave, Khushi Shah, Salon Mittal, Sukhman Gambhir, Neha Jethwani, Prachi Solanki, Gurleen Gambhir Khakhar, Riya Jain, Pankhudi Kunal Pandya, and the list goes on. She is a certified beautician and the founder of Paruls Beauty Care. Her work can be seen on her official Instagram account, @paruls_bride, and her makeup looks are loved by netizens. Not only that, but many of her bridal makeup looks have made it to the top wedding media's Instagram pages.


She is an inspiration to all who aspire to redefine beauty on their terms. In a world where trends come and go, Parul Mehta's influence continues to shine, setting new beauty standards and inspiring others to embrace their own unique beauty journey

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