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Aid those in need through art by sponsoring Innovator’s Era presented “Lucknow Sufi Festival”

Although there is never a wrong time to aid those in need, the Innovator’s Era presented  “Lucknow Sufi Festival” can be perhaps a more than suitable occasion if one does need to set aside some time. In conjunction with the motive to support the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ and have a Sufi Night, the event is intended to support those with disabilities in particular. It will be observed between September 29 and 30 in the ‘Nawabon Ke Sheher’ Lucknow and will witness the presence of renowned artists, academicians, prominent entrepreneurs, and esteemed dignitaries. This solemn function is being organised under the guidance of the Founder of  Innovator’s Era, Er. Shashank Shekhar Mishra will foresee Shri. Tribhuvan Ram who is the Current BJP MLA is the Chief Guest and Dr. Rahul Mishra who is the President at Austin University is the Guest of Honor.


A plethora of artists that will showcase their talents on the occasion include admired and cherished names in charge of different performances such as Exhibition, Food Stalls, Book Stalls, instrumental night by Master Sachin Shankar, Author's Talk by Shanaya Shukla, and a theatre play named Naya Shankh by Azad Theatre Group(Jalandhar) which has been written and will be directed by Ravindar Bhagat. Apart from this special performance by Himachali Singer Saawan Jaryal will be done in the presence of Actor Guest Vandana Gautam. Bringing art and philanthropy together, the “Lucknow Sufi Festival” is being sponsored by brands such as Chaicity cafe, The Bhukkadz, Natkhat Store, GRAEAE coffee, and Innovator's Era Store. 


Through the Natkhat Foundation, Innovator's Era which is presenting the event is currently leading with a number of periodicals and encouraging all forms of culture and education. The event is being claimed to be a success due to the need to reach out on Official.innovatorsera@gmail.com or through their website www.innovatorsera.com  . The sponsorship package has been briefly diversified into four types first one being INNOVATOR'S ERA SILVER PACKAGE which includes 4 Flexes Logo on Stage Holdings, Logo on Posters/S/M Canopy, 2 Announcements, 2 Media Coverages, and 2 Articles in two different Magazines, the comes second one OFFICIAL SPONSOR which includes 6 Flexes Logo on Stage Holdings, Logo on Posters Canopy,4 Announcements Logo on Website, Logo on Social Media, 6 Media Coverages, and 4 Ad Articles in four Magazines and last but not the least being the third one which is DRINKS SPONSOR that comprises of Flexes, Logo on Stage Holdings, Logo on Posters Canopy Announcements, Logo on Website Logo on Social Media, and Ad Articles in different Magazines. 


Other sponsorship options are of being CO-SPONSOR to reap the benefits of all above mentioned + 10 media coverages, 10 ads in their Magazines, 15 Flexes, and 8 Announcements Facilitation and the most acknowledged one which is of being the TITLE SPONSOR that will give Flexes, Logo on Stage Holdings, Logo on Posters, Canopy Continuous Announcements, Logo on Website, Logo on Social Media, Full Media Coverages, 10 Ad Articles in all Magazines, Facilitation by the guests, and Logo on Delhi Theatre Festival Event posters.


When asked about his perspective toward art and artists,  the Founder of  Innovator’s Era, Er. Shashank Shekhar Mishra stated, “Every person has been endowed with unique skills, talents, and capacities. We are diverse from one another since we have various interests and tendencies. One person might excel at music but struggle with painting, while another person might excel at the dance but struggle with writing. These abilities are what makes someone an artist, and every one of them can contribute to the production of art when applied effectively. Any artist's medium is the best and most meaningful to them. While a painter may consider the beauty of colours to be art, a singer may deem music to be the most beautiful art form. This suggests that the most beautiful type of art in a person's eyes is the one they themselves create. However, this in no way implies that other forms of art are less important. Each art form stands out from the rest due to its unique depth, narrative, significance, and beauty.”


This company Innovators Era which is one-of-a-kind became operational on January 1st, 2021. The intent with which the company is functioning is to provide talented people an opportunity to fulfil their potential by sharing their gifts with the world. It is constantly striving to ensure that they receive the attention and public acclaim that they richly deserve by establishing media coverage, writing articles about their lives and work, and creating audio and video podcasts. It has been created as a platform that can give exposure to various and unique artists who come from various backgrounds. A place where each person may be themselves and realise their full potential is called Innovators.

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